The Why Behind This Blog

The Why Behind This Blog

So I’ve been thinking and talking a lot about my religion lately.

I never thought I was going to live through a time where being Jewish was going to be threatened. Recent current events (Charlottesville, the news , Trump’s ever changing administration) have made me feel just that. I am just the kind of contrary however, that if I feel threatened, you can guarantee I will be louder and prouder about my religion and my cultural heritage. I recognize that it’s not an insignificant privilege that until this point in my mid 20s I have always felt ┬ásafe and that no one has discriminated against me based on physical characteristics and that’s a conversation about race in the US that I’m not qualified to have.

So why this blog ?


Number one: while I am not one for rules I try to incorporate the values of my religious tradition into my daily life

Number two: because Judaism is a journey . I come from an interfaith family. There’s bad blood between my parents and it led to my siblings eschewing Judaism. We were never told to pick a religious tradition but I chose Judaism in honor of my grandparents and because even as a small child I have always felt Jewish. I will do a longer post on this eventually but today suffice to say that I am the lone Jew in my family and finding a Jewish community has been a struggle for me and something I am still working on.

Number three: because apparently conscious practice of Judaism has become an act of resistance.

This is my short list. I don’t have a computer these days, and editing on the phone is giving me a hand cramp so this is all I’ll post for now . Looking forward to writing again!


– Emmie


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