I Did Something Really Scary…

So for a long time I’ve been wanting to try Krav Maga.

Honestly, I don’t have any “noble” reasons for wanting to try it.  I’m not really trying to live a healthier lifestyle or defend myself or anything.  My reason is pretty silly actually.  I just want to feel more hardcore.  I used to be quite the athlete but since becoming a coxswain in college I haven’t (and I know this is an excuse) had the time to workout.  I know anyone can have time if they make it, but that’s just my problem.  The time that could be put aside for working out, I’m already putting aside for playing a sport! It’s just that I don’t actually get any fitness benefits out of playing my sport except for the odd occasion when I have the opportunity to erg with the team.

The other reason, and it’s probably a bigger one, is that attending fitness classes where I don’t know anyone sends my stress levels THROUGH THE ROOF.  It doesn’t have to be fitness classes, actually.  It can be anywhere. Heck, if I don’t arrive at services at Temple at the EXACT right time (not early enough so that people will want to chat but not late enough that people look at me when I walk in) I can’t go in.  This also serves to explain my rare temple attendance.  And you can forget about staying for the meal.  The idea of that is enough to make me want to hide under my bed and never come out.

So why in the name of sanity would I sign up for a Krav Maga class, especially when I could just look up videos on youtube and do them in my own living room where there are no other people?

Honestly, I am still asking myself that.

But since I already paid for it I feel like I have to go.  It’s a week from now, so hopefully I will still feel that way next Tuesday.

Until next time.




One thought on “I Did Something Really Scary…

  1. My kids, when they were younger, took Krav Maga and I took a couple of classes. It was a lot of fun and not really like fitness classes. I wouldn’t rely on it for a good workout, at least initially while you’re learning different moves, but I definitely feel like it helps to make a person better at defending themselves.

    I hope you have fun!


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