Things that Scare Me

I consider myself a fairly brave person.


Let me restate that.  I’m not brave in a “let’s go jump out of a plane for fun way” .I’m brave in a “rock climbing sounds fun” sort of way.  I’m brave in a “talking to people scares me so I should do it more often” sort of way.  See what I’m saying?  I’m brave with in certain limits.  Also, I firmly believe that humans were never meant to sky dive/hang glide/ parasail/ or do anything involving roller coasters. I’m fearless when it comes to the ocean, more than most people I know.

When I started this blog, I used to think I was afraid of the alt-right.  But now, I realize that I’m not.  As an outspoken Jewish girl, you might think I’m crazy not to be.  Maybe I just feel safe because I live in super-liberal Massachusetts.  Maybe I’m lulled into a false sense of security by my friends and family.

Or maybe not.

See, I’ve realized that the alt-right is nothing new for this country.  We’ve had racists and anti-semites as long as we’ve been around.  What scares me is anti-semitism on the left.


Like a lot of American Jews, my views lean hard left.  Like a lot of American Jews (or at least some) I really don’t feel qualified to speak on behalf or in opposition to Israel.  Like a lot of American Jews I DO NOT want to be asked about it.

Maybe I’m late getting to the party but this Woman’s March stuff scares me.  It scares me to feel like the world is turning against us.  It scares me to feel  that every time a Weinstein or a Kushner does something wrong its taken by most as a sign or confirmation that Jews can’t be trusted.  It scares me that people have started using “social justice” as a way to decry Judaism.  As if Judaism weren’t concerned with justice!

It makes me wonder if theres any place left on earth where it’s safe to be a Jew.





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