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I’ll be the first to admit, I don’t really think G-d gives a crap what I eat. I end up keeping kosher at least half the time because I’m an extremely picky eater. There are very few dairy products I’ll actually eat, for example. There’s a lot more things I won’t eat but I don’t want to bore you to death. 

Mostly, I want to share a cool story. So I had this amazing history teacher in high school who would spend probably 25% of every class telling us stories. One of her stories,for what reason I could not tell you, was talking about certain seafoods and why they’re not kosher. Her explanation was sort of like this 

1: there probably wasn’t all that much seafood being eaten in the ancient near east unless you lived right on a coast( I don’t know about you but when I think of ancient near east, I think of desert . That said, I’ve never actually been to Israel so feel free to correct me on that) 

2: seafood has a lot of parasites. It has a high likelihood of making you sick if you don’t cool it right. 
Thinking about this stuff from an anthropological point of view is fascinating. Why would the people who wrote the Torah decide this is law?  

Just my two cents for the day….

The Why Behind This Blog

The Why Behind This Blog

So I’ve been thinking and talking a lot about my religion lately.

I never thought I was going to live through a time where being Jewish was going to be threatened. Recent current events (Charlottesville, the news , Trump’s ever changing administration) have made me feel just that. I am just the kind of contrary however, that if I feel threatened, you can guarantee I will be louder and prouder about my religion and my cultural heritage. I recognize that it’s not an insignificant privilege that until this point in my mid 20s I have always felt ┬ásafe and that no one has discriminated against me based on physical characteristics and that’s a conversation about race in the US that I’m not qualified to have.

So why this blog ?


Number one: while I am not one for rules I try to incorporate the values of my religious tradition into my daily life

Number two: because Judaism is a journey . I come from an interfaith family. There’s bad blood between my parents and it led to my siblings eschewing Judaism. We were never told to pick a religious tradition but I chose Judaism in honor of my grandparents and because even as a small child I have always felt Jewish. I will do a longer post on this eventually but today suffice to say that I am the lone Jew in my family and finding a Jewish community has been a struggle for me and something I am still working on.

Number three: because apparently conscious practice of Judaism has become an act of resistance.

This is my short list. I don’t have a computer these days, and editing on the phone is giving me a hand cramp so this is all I’ll post for now . Looking forward to writing again!


– Emmie