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Rough Week

I had a rough week last week and didn’t end up hitting any of my “goals”.  I was planning shabbat with my boyfriend and it was going to be a big deal.  I mean, for me, it was going to be a big deal. We weren’t going to do anything extravagant, I was just happy he was willing to participate in my expression of faith even if it is totally different than his.  I took it as a good sign (see my last post: re children) that he would be supportive of my need to practice and pass on.

Unfortunately we never managed to meet because of a death in the family (on his end).  I’m much more familiar with Jewish funerals although I’ve been to other religious ones, I’ve never been to a Catholic funeral.  Fortunately I was prepared for an open casket because, as I said, I’ve been to other funerals from my non-Jewish side of the family.  Still, there’s protocol I don’t know and he hasn’t told me.  I realize he’s very busy.  I’m just trying to tell myself not to get upset, that it’s not about me and I just need to show my support.  The actual funeral service is tomorrow.  Hopefully I can make it through without any missteps.

That’s all for now. I need to try to take my mind off of things.